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STEM-in-a-BOX Pilot Program Launches!!!

Exciting news to share … Dads for Daughters in STEM is kicking off our first STEM-in-a-Box pilot this month with Boys and Girls Club (Eastview Toronto). This pilot was made possible by donations from a few TD Bank Group employees … THANKS! As we’re a volunteer driven not-for-profit, 100% of proceeds go towards putting STEM-in-a-Box kits in the hands of deserving kids.

The STEM-in-a-Box pilot is straight forward … Dads for Daughters in STEM is delivering a small shipment of award winning KiwiCo STEM-in-a-Box kits to the Boys and Girls Club (Eastview Toronto) summer camp program. A few kids - aged 5 to 10 years old - will receive high quality activities to promote STEM curiosity, confidence and critical skills.

We need your help! The Boys and Girls Club summer camp runs until August 26, so we need help to purchase 100 more STEM-in-a-Box kits for all the kids enrolled. As an incentive, the first major brand in its category (banking, telco, energy, retail) will get 3 year exclusivity to this program so let us know ASAP.

If you want to help inspire more of tomorrow’s future scientists, engineers, doctors and computer programers, please consider getting your company to participate with your very own and local community STEM-in-a-Box program. Details here:

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