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3rd Annual D4DSTEM Toy Drive!

We’re running our 3rd Annual STEM toy drive.  As families with kids have been navigating life through COVID-19,  this year particularly, we need your help to give high quality STEM activities, books and toys to the amazing kids that are part of Boys & Girls Club of Canada.

All donations will go towards buying new STEM activities, books and toys to kids in need.   We will be buying and dropping off all items on December 18th so please get your donations in ASAP.  Last year we raised over $1,000.00.  This year we’re trying to raise $3,000.00 in celebration of our 3rd year!

Please visit the GoFundMe page to donate now:

Instilling early curiosity, confidence and foundational skills in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) will help prepare kids for any career path. However, by the time some girls are in 2nd grade, they have already begun to believe that math and science are for boys. In addition, STEM toys aren’t easily accessible to kids in lower socio-economic areas. There is a gap.

This holiday season, you can be part of the solution to close the gap.  By supporting the D4DSTEM and Boys & Girls Club of Canada STEM Toy Drive, you can help to ensure that kids in the GTA – particularly girls and those in lower socio-economic areas – are given equal opportunity to build our future.

Before December 18th, please support our STEM Toy Drive by donating as little as $20.00.  Please visit the GoFundMe page to donate now:

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