Darryl Silva


Darryl Founded D4DSTEM. He is passionate about empowering parents and caregivers to play a lead role to build confidence, curiosity and critical skills in STEM with kids in early years, particularly girls.  Darryl is a FinTech founding member, banking executive and has led digital, marketing, and product functions with TD Bank Group, Savvy Group Inc., Tembo Social (acquired by Achievers), BMO, Laurentian Bank and Moneris Solutions.  He has an MBA from the Schulich School of Business and loves making Water Bottle Rockets.   He has two children, Adrianna 10 and Marcus 7.

Baanu Ratneswaran


Baanu Co-Founded D4DSTEM. As an accomplished executive and devoted mother, with degrees in Engineering and Business, Baanu and her husband are committed and passionate about building STEM curiosity and confidence with their daughter and in doing so helping all girls. Baanu is a banking executive with TD Bank Group, with past leadership roles in Digital, Innovation, Product and Technology Strategy, Planning and Performance. She has an MBA from the Smith School of Business, a Computer Engineering degree and applies mathematical model to give her adorable and smart 7 year old daughter an edge in T-Ball.

Sarta Andrew (2016)-2.jpg

Andrew Sarta

Founding Member & Executive Director

Andrew was founding member of D4DSTEM and serves as an Executive Director.  He has a deep interest in breaking down social barriers to STEM in young girls and promoting equal-opportunity curiosity.  Now a PhD in Management at Ivey Business School, Andrew is a practicing Social Scientist with an industry background in managing product-based research and innovation.  As a father of two girls, Aasha (9) and Alessia (6), he also dabbles in rainbow chasing and refracting light through triangular prisms.

Cara-Lynne Wade

Founding Member & Executive Director

Cara-Lynne was a founding member of D4DSTEM and serves as an Executive Director.  As a women leader advocating for diversity and inclusion, she has a deep interest in breaking down social barriers to STEM in young girls and promoting equal-opportunity curiosity.  Cara-Lynne has worked in the Energy industry for over a decade and focuses on sustainability and transition. Cara-Lynne is Darry's partner so is beloved mom to Adrianna and Marcus.  She loves to organize nature themed scavenger hunts and helping her kids with KiwiCo STEM-in-a-Box kits.


E.Y. Park

Founding Member & Executive Director

E.Y. is a passionate data nerd who believes that exposing and teaching STEM skills to children and youth will inspire and transform the future.  E.Y. is a leader in Data strategy and is enthralled in a Masters of Information Management at Dalhousie U and Pre-occupied in building up an IM & CRM framework @the Toronto Public Library.  E.Y. and her husband Glen are committed to inspiring their curious 5 year old daughter Madyson with STEM foundations and aspire to beat her record in the next tower building contest.

Antonella De Leo

Founding Member & Executive Director

Born in Toronto to Italian immigrant parents, education had always been the hope for a secure and bright future. For Antonella, this ignited a passion for helping youth find their way to fulfilling and exciting careers. Antonella has found her calling as a digital marketing professional who has led digital marketing and loyalty for Canada’s largest and most loved brands, recently launching a new online shopping experience for Shoppers Drug Mart. Antonella can’t wait to put D4DSTEM resources into action with her very curious and inquisitive niece.