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6th Annual STEM Toy Drive Update: Toys Dropped Off ... Let STEM Curiosity & Confidence Begin!

We’re pleased to announce that our volunteers dropped off 100 high quality STEM inspired activities, books and toys to the Boys and Girls Club Eastview location! Special thanks to our donors and volunteers. Also, special thanks to Principal Farrell, her staff and the students at Cosburn Middle School for directing their Toy Drive to help BGC Eastview location.

This was our 6th Annual STEM Toy Drive. Since we started the D4DSTEM Toy Drive, generous donors and volunteers have now helped over 700 kids in lower socio economic areas! Every kid deserves a chance to participate and compete and curiosity and confidence starts early when kids interact with fun STEM activities, books or toys.

If you missed the STEM Toy Drive but still want to help, please support our new STEM-in-a-Box program. Also, we're always looking for corporate sponsors and we'll be updating our executive team in 2024, so please visit the site for details:

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