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This Holiday Season Make Sure that Every Kid Has a Chance to Participate and Compete!

This Holiday Season Make Sure that Every Kid Has a Chance to Participate and Compete!

Across Canada there is a movement to prepare kids for jobs of the future. Where no one is clear on what jobs will exist, progressive individuals and organizations believe that building curiosity, confidence and foundational skills in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) will help prepare kids for any career path they choose.

However, while jobs in STEM related domains are growing three times faster than other parts of the economy and commanding premium salaries, these jobs employ less than 25 per cent women. In fact, by the time girls are in second grade, they have already begun to believe that math and science are for boys.

There is a gap, but this holiday season you can be part of the solution to close the gap. Here’s how:

  1. Buy STEM: When you’re purchasing gifts this holiday season, avoid the temptation to buy something that is pink, sparkly or a doll and buy a STEM inspired activity, book or toy instead. Need a few STEM book & toy ideas? Here are some picks – between $10 to $40 – from our volunteers: Ada Twist – Scientist, Rosie Revere – Engineer, Human Brain Model, Hape Your Body, Discovery Kids Slime, Maker Lab, Doll-E 1.0, Snap Circuits Jr., Crazy Forts and GoldiBlox.

  2. Volunteer to Help our STEM Toy Drive: Dads for Daughters in STEM & Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada decided to deliver Toronto’s first STEM Toy Drive.  Between December 3rd – 14th, volunteers from Toronto’s most progressive organizations will be collecting New STEM inspired activities, books and toys for kids – primarily girls between 5 to 10 – in lower socio-economic areas.  For details to organize your own company STEM Toy Drive or where to drop off new and un-wrapped toys at one of our drop off locations, please visit:

Every kid deserves a chance to participate and compete! Curiosity and confidence starts when kids and often their parents or caregivers interact with them while playing with higher quality STEM activities, books or toys. As these items tend to be priced at a premium and some parents aren’t aware of the importance of STEM, thoughtful donations will help to start building curiosity, confidence and critical skills in STEM.

By supporting the Dads for Daughters in STEM and Boys & Girls Club of Canada STEM Toy Drive, you can help to ensure that all Canadian kids – particularly girls and those in lower socio-economic areas – are given equal opportunity to build our future through curiosity and confidence in STEM.

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