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STEM-in-a-Box Pilot a Complete Success!

Dads for Daughters in STEM recently launched our first STEM-in-a-Box pilot with Boys and Girls Club (Eastview Toronto). This pilot was made possible by donations from a few TD Bank Group employees.

The pilot was a complete success and we’re grateful for the feedback and kind words from our community partner at the Boys and Girls Club (Eastview Toronto). See the note below.

If you want to help inspire more of tomorrow’s future scientists, engineers, doctors and computer programers, please consider getting your company to participate with your very own and local (we’ll match your contribution to a Boys and Girls Club location of your choice) community STEM-in-a-Box Program.

"Dear D4DSTEM,

Thank you for your wonderful donations of STEM in-a-box kits for our youth at BGC Eastview. Due to your donation we have seen substantial growth in our kids taking an interest in science, science activities and other interests in the field. Our Eastview Community wants you to know what a positive impact you have made on our community, enriching the minds of our young people, and girls particularly.

Thank you again for your donation, and commitment to enhancing STEM experiences, it is something Eastview is very appreciative of.

Should you have any questions, concerns or require further information, please feel free to contact the undersigned.


Laurette JOgbonna

bgc Eastview Program Coordinator"

Download PDF • 114KB

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